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One of the reasons people love going to Nitro Live is to see the vapor clouds produced by the liquid nitrogen. It’s fun to watch, so we understand why Dragon’s Breath (cereal treats frozen with liquid nitrogen) is popular; however, we don’t offer it—and never will—because it isn’t safe. Recent media stories spotlight some of the dangers, including breathing difficulty and damage to mouths and throats.

Unfortunately, some people erroneously assume all food prepared with liquid nitrogen is unsafe, so I’d like to share the precautions Nitro Live takes to ensure our customers safely enjoy the freshest ice cream available.

Your safety begins with our nitrologists, who receive extensive training before being permitted to handle liquid nitrogen (which freezes your ice cream at -321 degrees). Instagram is filled with photos and videos of vapor swirling around ice cream and other treats, creating the illusion that it’s safe for everyone to handle a cup with vapor in or on it. However, any time vapor is present, the liquid nitrogen is still in a dangerous state and should not be handled by someone who hasn’t been properly trained. This is one reason why our nitrologists transfer ice cream frozen in our stainless steel mixing bowls to a serving cup; by the time they scoop and present it to you, all vapor has dissipated and your ice cream is at a safe temperature to eat.

No restaurant, food truck or vendor should pour liquid nitrogen directly into your cup, nor should you accept anything with vapor still present. Your health depends on both points, and, when properly followed, these principles will result in a product you can relax and enjoy.