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September 2018

One of the reasons people love going to Nitro Live is to see the vapor clouds produced by the liquid nitrogen. It’s fun to watch, so we understand why Dragon’s Breath (cereal treats frozen with liquid nitrogen) is popular; however, we don’t offer it—and never will—because it isn’t safe. Recent media stories spotlight some of the dangers, including breathing difficulty and damage to mouths and throats. Unfortunately, some people erroneously assume all food prepared with liquid nitrogen is unsafe, so I’d like to share the

GILBERT, Ariz. (Sept. 3, 2018) — Underscoring its commitment to supporting the communities where it is located, The Nitro Live Icecreamery introduces new ice cream sliders using Mission Possible cookies made by Phoenix Rescue Mission. Regularly priced at $4 for two, the sliders will be available on Labor Day for $3 in honor of the labor of those who made them. “Mission Possible Cookies are made from scratch daily by Phoenix Rescue Mission clients struggling with homelessness, addiction and trauma,” says Tom Moody, Phoenix