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March Madness brings basketball and brackets, and The Nitro Live Icecreamery is getting in on the fun with a bracket of its own. Starting March 11, we’re putting our Sweet 16 most popular flavors to the test; stop in and try them for 10% off; the ones that sell best will advance to our GR8 Ate on March 19, with our Flavorful Four on March 26 and Tasty Two on April 2. Additionally, two of the flavors in contention raise money for charity, with $1

And the twain did meet Wednesday at Grand Canyon University‘s STEM Innovation Spotlight, where Nitro Live Icecreamery owner Felicia Vandermolen was busy pouring cream, stirring in berries, then dousing the whole confection with a shower of liquid nitrogen. Some vigorous stirring and a minute or two later — and with a nitro fog cascading from the bowl — ice cream was up and ready for tasting at the Strategic Educational Alliances event at GCU Arena. It was where about 200 educators and educator-friendly organizations gathered to share ideas, network and advance science,

The Nitro Live Icecreamery is so excited to have started the first Gilbert resident, woman owned, and operated franchise system based in Gilbert, Arizona!!! Through the dedicated effort of the Nitro Live management team and the entire staff we opened our first store in Gilbert at Cooper and Warner in 2018. We will continue to be community driven and focus our efforts on making the customer experience a show to remember!

The launch of The Nitro Live Icecreamery blends traditional favorites with exciting new ideas. Each store will feature old fashion favorites like butter pecan and modern mixers such as The Titan, an ice cream made with maple and bacon. Regional and seasonal favorites will be showcased in each new store as well which will feature limited time options. Buying local and creating a better relationship with our suppliers has allowed us to lower prices with the new year. Besides the many ice cream options Nitro

We are so excited to be opening our second and third stores in the East Valley. Our first Mesa store located at the northeast corner of Baseline and Gilbert Roads is scheduled to open in February followed closely behind by our 2nd store in Gilbert located at the northwest corner of Chandler Heights and Higley Roads. We are excited to continue to expand our stores and invite new store owners to join our team of franchise operators! We look forward